STL Group was the STL Group has been the long term goal of a single dream. The journey began in 2008, with the formation of our first company.  Bryan Shelton, having worked in the transportation field for some time as a broker, decided to give the American dream a shot. He and his wife pooled together their life savings and purchased an old repossessed truck and trailer from the bank with which they proudly displayed the decal Shelton Transportation Lines, LLC across the cab. With tremendous hard work and determination, they have turned that single truck and trailer company into a multi-truck and trailer operation able to properly provide service for their customers throughout the entire United States.

          The Sheltons’ dream didn’t cease there! They quickly learned, as small business owners in this country, unbelievable service was what they needed to offer their customers. They decided this is where they could stand out in this corporate jungle. With that understanding, it was crystal clear what the next step should be to better offer this desired level of service. It was found that, in the rare instance that one of the Shelton Transportation trucks had an unforeseen issue and was, therefore, unable to complete the task, Bryan’s hands were tied until he could get another truck in that area.  Therefore, the formation of the directly operated sister company transpired. STL Global, LLC is the non-asset based transportation brokerage formed to work hand in hand with Shelton Transportation Lines. They quickly saw the rewards of this venture. They were able to better serve their customers with this addition.  Now, in the unusual instance that a Shelton Transportation truck is unable to pick up a load, Bryan has the option to continue his goal of outstanding customer service by brokering that load to one of their valued carriers in that area. Even if at a loss to him, Bryan is now able to ensure that the customer’s freight arrives at its destination with no complications.

          With the attempt to even further the capabilities of outstanding service, Bryan and Danika created the next piece of the STL Group puzzle. They formed the other sister company, Shelton Trailer Leasing, LLC.  This company allows them to offer drop trailer services to their customers, as well as lease equipment to any leased on owner operators.

          In 2012, the Sheltons decided to expand their services yet again. This time, Chad Dittrich, acting COO & CFO of STL Group, joined in partnership with them to form an additional sister company, STL Holdings, LLC. Together they used this warehousing company to add another facet of service options for their customers. These options ranging from storing product long term to delivering it locally, as needed. This also opened up options as simple as cross docking, transloading, and consolidating product.  

          Bryan and Danika have taken a single dream and created this reality. Blessings have showered down as this continued growth has taken place.  They look back on this journey and find inspiration in what the process of dreaming, goal setting, hard work, and determination can result.  STL Group takes personal interest in each new customer and pride in providing a job well done! We look forward to doing business with you!     


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