​​​​​​                                Brokerage

          STL Global allows us the opportunity to offer another service to our customers. This non-asset based business alternative works hand in hand with our asset-based trucking company, Shelton Transportation Lines, creating even more options and connections to move Customer product more quickly and efficiently.

          In addition to our own fleet, we have great partnerships with over 10,000 carriers all over the 48 states. These relationships give us the ability to move freight efficiently for our customers. 

          As STL Group has expanded, so have our offices. Our main office for STL Group is located in Jonesboro, Ar with owner, Bryan Shelton. However, in 2014, we expanded toward NWA with a satellite office in Fayetteville coordinated by Chad Dittrich.

          Though on opposite sides of the state, all of our dispatchers and brokers work in an extremely united fashion. The team philosophy is understood by all employed at the STL Group. Though everyone has their set of personal responsibilities, we know that working together will result in quicker task completion. 

          ​​​Continuously teetering on the edges of these company growth explosions, we are constantly looking for eager individuals that 

have a strong desire to be successful to help meet these demands. We always search for friendly, dependable, hardworking employees. We will do anything we can to help them successfully build their own team.​